One can just not visit Amsterdam without having seen it from the best point of view. Let yourself be amazed by the rich architecture of Amsterdam on one of our canal boat tours. Just don’t put your hand in the water or you might end up with a free bike…


Discover more of Amsterdam, passing along the known and unknown highlights of Amsterdam with one of our cycle tours. With our variety of cycle tours you will be able to experience Amsterdam in the utmost Dutch manner.  Pick your tour and hop on! 


Learn all about how the city came to be and why Amsterdam was already an international hotspot in the past. Discover interesting modern architecture and historical buildings. Hear how we deal with water management, red-light district and coffee-shops.


After years of war, there is a Golden Age in The Netherlands. The glorious boom in trade, science and art during the seventeenth century makes us the most important and richest country in the world. Never before have so many paintings been produced in one century!

What our clients are saying...

After visiting the channels, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh etc… it is refreshing to see Amsterdam through the eyes of a local. Isabelle is biking through Amsterdam and observes a lot of special things which she wants you to share with you. It was a special tour and I am sure she can adapt the subjects on your tour on demand.

You’ve just made ‘a dam Good Choice’ to get the best experience when visiting Amsterdam.


With your professional and personal guide you’ll see, feel and taste Amsterdam like a local. Learn about the cultural quirks, hear local stories, see hidden gems, street-art and historical architecture. You will discover where to go, what to avoid and get to see places that inspire you. ‘a dam Good Choice’ is all about your ‘dam  experience.


Whatsup in Amsterdam this month


Amsterdam City Swim

Held to raise funds for motor neurone disease (known as ALS in the Netherlands), the Amsterdam City Swim sees swimmers raise a minimum sponsorship before diving into the canals to swim its grueling but iconic 2,000-metre course through the city centre.

You have come to the right place for a memorable cycling holiday along signposted routes through the Netherlands’ most beautiful landscapes.

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