You’re about to make ‘a dam Good Choice’ to get the best experience when visiting Amsterdam.


With your professional and personal guide you’ll see, feel and taste Amsterdam like a local. Learn about the cultural quirks, hear local stories, see hidden gems, street-art and historical architecture. You will discover where to go, what to avoid and get to see places that inspire you. ‘a dam Good Choice’ is all about your ‘dam  experience.


What our clients are saying...

“It is refreshing to see Amsterdam through the eyes of a local.”

“I met Isabelle by chance, and she was so easy to talk to and a lot of fun. She told me she gave tours and I knew right away I had to book with her.”

“I would recommend this to anyone who wants to see the city, learn how to navigate it on their own, engage with the guide, and have a guide who cares about your experience.”

“I really enjoyed the tour and I highly recommend it!! Isabelle did a great, charming and knowledge job!”


Whatsup in Amsterdam March/ April

  • This is the year of Rembrandt! Have a look in the National Museum: Rijksmuseum, for what there is to do and explore. Don’t forget to vistit the exhibition of all the works of Rembrandt.  Rijksmuseum
  • David Hockney, the famous British painter, is showing his paintings beside the works of Vincent van Gogh. If you can dream away in the colours of Van Gogh, then we recommend you to go to this exhibition! In the Van Gogh till the 26th of May.


The year of Rembrandt

All his works are shown in the Rijksmuseum! Go see these beauties that are all togehter for the first time ever.


David Hockney

‘When [nature] is in full bloom, it is as if champagne has been poured over the bushes. Everything foams and it looks beautiful.’

Quote of David Hockney

You have come to the right place for a memorable cycling holiday along signposted routes through the Netherlands’ most beautiful landscapes.

Algemene voorwaarden


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