Amsterdam Light Festival

Sail a dam Good Light tour with the ‘Mayors’ boat and private tour guide! 

Try our Whiky On Water; Single tickets available 

a dam Good Choice


Sail a dam Good Light tour with the ‘Mayors’ boat and your private tour guide! 

Try our Whiksy On Water ; Single tickets! 

a dam Good Choice 

Amsterdam Light Festival

From the 28th of November the Amsterdam canals are the decor of spectacular light artworks and installations by contemporary (international) artists, designers and architects exhibited in the city.

You can book with us for :

  • Private boat Salonboat De Jonckvrouw (maximum 12 people) with your own tourguide. Starts from €475,–
  • Whisky Single ticket on the Salonboat De Jonckvrouw with a whiksy tasting on board and a tourguide.  €125,–

Whisky tastings during the Amsterdam Light Festival starts every Saturday at 20:00 on the jetty at the floating restaurant Sea Palace, close to Central Station.

How to book?
For the private boat please call or e-mail to book.
For the whisky single tickets you can book direct in the calendar: Click on the prefered date in the calender. You can pay by IDEAL or Credit Card and we charge a booking fee. 

Whisky On Water

Do you really want something unique and would you like to surprise your partner, friends, colleagues or family, then we have a fantastic *WOW* experience for you!

We work together with a whisky master of bar Cafe Zilt, and Salonboat De Jonckvrouw to offer you this wonderfull tour. Here some more details of the tasting:

Whisky, whiskey, whisky; single malt, blended, grain, Bourbon and Rye. Scottish, Irish, American and Japanese and yes even Taiwanese and Dutch! It is the most widely drunk spirit in the world and is currently extremely popular.

What exactly is it and how do you drink it?

During a two-hour tasting session we will introduce you to different styles and flavours and tell you more about the history, production processes, legislation and so on of this fascinating drink through six different whiskies. Of course we will accompany the whisky with various matching, sometimes contrasting and sometimes complimenting snacks.

A unique experience of Whisky on the Water with the Light Festival as your decor and accompanied by your own host and hostess (also a guide) who will completely pamper your taste buds, ears and eyes.

a dam Good Tour, Hostess or Event, you are on you're way to make a dam Good Choice

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