A very warm welcome to

a dam Good Coiche!

This is me… Isabelle.

Five years ago I decided to change my path. I always knew I wanted my own business from a young age.
After years of managing bars and restaurants and social studies, where I mainly worked on theatre productions and events I finally found my call:

An office that has it all: Tours, Hostess and Events. And just like when I dreamed of having my own bar, I wanted the best of everything and Amsterdam Based. And so ‘a dam Good Choice’ was born.

It took me a few years to be able to work on this fulltime and now I can proudly say I do well on the market. Not only for international visitors but also the ‘Amsterdammers’.
I still love working as a tourguide, but also happy to work with a lot of other tour guides.  I’m also doing everything in the office, I work as a hostess for mutiple event & catering businesses, and I can provide fully customized days/ tours/ events.

Please feel free to contact me for your ‘dam Good’ time in the Netherlands! 


a dam Good Tour, Hostess or Event, you are on you're way to make a dam Good Choice

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