The Old town and Redlight (in covid times)

Silent City

Who would have thought it? From the busiest place in town, the Red Light District suddenly became dead quiet…
We give you a glimpse of the Red Light District in lockdown time, a unique tour to remember.

We take you along!

Live from the heart of Amsterdam, we log in via Zoom. You from your living room and me from the city. My eyes (camera) become your eyes.

In one hour, I take you through the oldest neighbourhood in Amsterdam. A special image now that the world has practically come to a standstill here. Discover it with ‘your own eyes’!

Old town

See the oldest part of the city with your own eyes. How one of the busiest places has changed into one of the quietest.
How is this oldest neighbourhood doing and how beautiful silence can sometimes be?

We wander over the canals and through the sea dyke, telling about its history and making the link to the present day.

Fun facts

The old town is full of fun facts, sights such as the old church and the famous canals including the ‘wallen’. You will even find a China Town and various street art you can stumble over, nice and cosy!

Online Tour How does that work?

You book per household for € 15 euro.

After booking you will receive a confirmation with a link to a zoom ‘meeting’ (the tour) of the day, date and time of your choice.
Make sure you have a good internet connection on the device from which you follow the tour. You can join the tour 10 minutes beforehand. We will admit you as soon as the tour starts.

Note: some email addresses like hotmail can cause the mail to end up in your spam box!

Book Sat 13-03 11 AM and 4 PM

Please note that we may offer this tour in 2 languages (Dutch & English), depending on bookings.