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Why book a tour with a guide?

Get to know the city through the eyes of a guide: you see, you feel, you taste and you know much more of this city after a tour with a local guide. Isabelle works with a dose of passion, own stories, knowledge and historical but especially local knowledge of the neighbourhood which makes Amsterdam really come alive!

As a city guide and resident, I find it very important that the tours are just as fun for Amsterdam residents as they are for visitors to the city. That’s why I do the tours myself and when it’s busy I work with guides who are enthusiastic, hospitable and have a good knowledge of the city now and then. No boring long-winded stories, but fluent guides with a nice chat and who know where you can stay!
This way you can start your day (or holiday) relaxed, without having to search the internet for hours!

Below you’ll find the selection of tours you can choose from, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, if you want a tailor-made tour or for anything else.

No matter which tour you book, inside or outside the city, we always make sure you can look back on ‘a dam Good Tour’.

City walk Amsterdam

Discover the oldest part of the city, a good first acquaintance with Amsterdam!   The Amstel, the canals, historic buildings and squares, there is so much to discover in this city.

Hot Trendy & Happening.
"Once north the crazy, now the better place"

Departure every Saturday at 11:00 from NDSM BIKES

Jewish Amsterdam.
Memories, culture and influence on everyday life

Discover Jewish Amsterdam and how its history is still visible in the city.  From Yiddish sayings that are now truly Amsterdam, to dwelling on the stories of the Second World War. A special tour.

Round North/South line.
The longest open-air museum in the Netherlands

Travel with us below and above ground and discover how this route became the most controversial and debated agenda item of both Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
A fun and educational tour for young and old.

Friendly Fire: an unknown piece of north

Even for many inhabitants of Amsterdam it is unknown that the district North, on the other side of the IJ, was bombed during the war.

In this cycling tour, we discover the history of Noord with the Van der Pek neighbourhood, the vogelbuurt, the Vliegenbos, the development of housing associations and the emergence of the fokker factory; the whole history passes in review.

Sae hero's tour

Dive into the history of seafaring and discover how this small town grew into one of the richest cities during the 17th century. With stories of VOC, WIC, what is good seamanship, how to tie a sailor’s knot this is a fun tour for young and old!

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