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2,5 – 3 hours

It is bustling in Noord!

Every Saturday the tours depart from NDSM Bikes. Per person €25 per bike Maximum group size is 8 to 10 persons


We start this bike tour at the NDSM terrain and immediately notice street art and various art extravaganzas. A very tough terrain with a completely different atmosphere than the city centre. We cycle over a sloping ramp full of graffiti reminding us of the shipyards of the past. Our expert, or guide, has fun explaining what you are looking at and how here the largest ships in Europe rolled off the ramp. The tour is full of history, fun facts and exciting stories.

Dutch View

By cycling through the north, you discover that it is really different here. No ring of canals like in the centre, but canals and dykes. Crossing the canal by bike is the most natural thing in the world here.  The various residential areas colour the landscape, each with their own characteristics. From faintly coloured concrete houses to rustic wooden houses with typical Dutch gables. The small streets make for quiet and pleasant cycling, a great contrast with the centre. If you cycle around the corner, you may just find yourself standing in a meadow or near a windmill.


We also take a look at the special terrain of De Ceuvel:one of the most sustainable and innovative urban experiments in Europe. A fine example of how you can turn industrial polluted soil into a sustainable creative workplace. A little further on we see Schoonschip,an ecological and socially sustainable neighbourhood on the water, another hot & happening location! We are also looking at Schoonschip,an ecological and socially sustainable neighbourhood on the water, another hot & happening location!

Green in the city

The further east you cycle, the greener it gets. Let yourself be enchanted by the peace and beauty of the fly forest and the houseboats at the harbour of Nieuwendam. Whether you want to try the local market, the best Dutch herring or the best ice cream in town, there is something for everyone! At last we cycle back to the NDSM area, in summer we pass by the Noorderpark, where you can cool down! Fulfilled and with a smile on your face we cycle back and you’ve seen a new part of the city and hopefully you’re sold, just like us. Where they once shouted ‘Noord Gestoord! we call ‘Noord het betere oord!’

Budget or Private Tour

You can always book a private tour with us, but we understand that this is not in everyone’s budget, especially if you are travelling alone.

Budget = nice price Tour = just as much fun and you meet other travellers. Go to Entry Tour

Private = exclusive for your company! Choose 2 or 3 hours tour. In consultation with the guide, the route can be filled to your liking.

Bikes can be rented separately via the booking form this is a city bike from NDSMBikes and includes insurance. You can also bring your own bike.

Rent a bike

This tour starts and ends at NDSM Bikes. If you don’t have a bike yet, you can rent one separately with the tour. You can specify this via the booking system.

What kind of bike? NDSMBikes rents out city bikes including insurance against damage and theft. Bike for 3 hours €10,50 Bike for the whole day €14,00

Budget group tour

€45,00 p.p. max 10 persons Every Saturday morning!   You can book up to 24 hours in advance. If you book really last minute, please call us to see if you can still join. The tour will only take place if there is a minimum of 2 bookings.   

Private 2 hours

€135 total max 8 people Without strangers in your tour. The guide is there just for you and your partyand all your questions.  Ideal if you want to know more about a specific item or are travelling with your own party.

Private 3 hours

€215 total max 8 people.  Duration: 3.5 hours If you really want to enjoy yourself at leisure and make a small stop in between and see just a little more of rural north, then we recommend this tour.

More hot & 'happen'? Book a FOOD Tour through Noord!

Are you already familiar with this part of Noord or do you want to take this tour to the next level? Then book the Food Tour through Noord! And you will enjoy all the culinary that this part of town has to offer. Check out Food Tour Noord for more information!

Want to explore rural Noord extensively?

Do you want more than this piece of North and really get into nature? Then rural Noord is really for you! Go past and through the meadows, along the ijsselmeer, see the tower at Ransdorp and discover small harbour villages at a stone’s throw from Amsterdam.


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