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The longest Open-air-museum-off-The-Netherlands

Building a subway under a 17th century city built on stilts and below sea level?
Now that’s a challenge!

In this tour you will discover what makes this subway so special, the misses and pluses of its construction, techniques used, political decisions and how a group of wealthy Amsterdammers were able to secure a route change.
Besides at least 15 years of construction history and impressive construction techniques that were followed internationally, we not only have a new beautiful underground but also at also various works of art at each station, each with their own story. Our guide will playfully tell you everything you need to know about what we call the longest open-air museum.

A fun tour to see Amsterdam from a different side!

An (almost) impossible task

Art & puzzles

NZline Facts...

  • The NZ Line is 9.7 kilometres long, of which 7.1 kilometres is underground.
  • The metro line travels at a maximum speed of 70 kilometres per hour and the total journey takes fifteen minutes.
  • The metro runs ten times an hour in both directions.
  • Vijzelgracht station is home to the longest escalators in the Benelux, six of them. They are no less than 47 metres long.

The Tour

This includes public transport card for 24 hours, professional city guide