*WOW* Whisky On Water

Do you really want something unique and would you like to surprise your partner, friends, colleagues or family, then we have a fantastic *WOW* experience for you!

Step aboard the classic ‘mayor’s boat’ and get to know the wonderful world of whisky. In collaboration with Whisky Café Zilt, salon boat de Jonckvrouw & a dam Good Choice we present a 2 hour exclusive cruise with a whisky tasting on board.

Whisky, whiskey, whisky; single malt, blended, grain, Bourbon and Rye. Scottish, Irish, American and Japanese and yes even Taiwanese and Dutch! It is the most widely drunk spirit in the world and is currently extremely popular.
What exactly is it and how do you drink it?
During a two-hour tasting session we will introduce you to different styles and flavours and tell you more about the history, production processes, legislation and so on of this fascinating drink through six different whiskies. Of course we will accompany the whisky with various matching, sometimes contrasting and sometimes complimenting snacks.
A unique experience of Whisky on the Water accompanied by your own host and hostess (also a guide) who will completely pamper your taste buds, ears and eyes.

Weekdays (Mon-Free) € 580 ex VAT + € 37,50 p.p.
Weekend (Sat + Sun) € 620 ex VAT + € 37,50 p.p.
These prices only apply to boarding at the Ponthaven in Amsterdam North or at Central Station, for other boarding places we charge for arrival and departure.

This is included:

Salon boat, skipper, host and hostess + the price of the whisky tasting per person. There is a maximum of 12 guests on board. If desired we can arrange a bigger boat for bigger groups. Please ask us for the possibilities.

The Tasting consists of 6 whiskies of 20 cc and accompanying snacks.
There is also unlimited water on board.

This is exclusive:
Extra whiskies that can be served by request. On board we have a price list with an overview. There is also beer, wine and soft drinks available. These drinks are charged to the bill.

How do I book this tour?
This tour is subject to availability.
In order to send you a complete quote, we ask you the following:

– Which date would you like to sail?
– Number of persons
– Get off at Ponthaven, Central Station or something else?
– Occasion? Or any other comments?

Good to know:
De Jonckvrouw is suitable for groups of up to 12 people, and is equipped with all modern conveniences: a toilet, fridge/bar, radio installation, dimmable lighting and heating. In addition to a covered saloon, you can also take a seat on the aft deck.



Whisky tasting € 37,50 per person. Boat cost depends on amount of passengers. 
You can send us your request by: info@adamgoodchoice.com

Rijksmuseum Tour

1,5 our |up to 8 persons | from 12 year | English

Only to book as a private tour  € 125,–

Step into a world of Gold!

After years of war, there is a Golden Age in The Netherlands. The glorious boom in trade, science and art during the seventeenth century makes us the most important and richest country in the world. Never before have so many paintings been produced in one century!

Meet our Dutch Masters such as Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, Rembrandt amongst many others. Details on paintings and painters, fun-facts about the museum and extra background information make this guided visit ‘a dam Good Choice’.

All tours include the following:

A professional and experienced city guide who’s well known in the Dutch art of the Golden Age.

The following is not included:
any snacks / drinks, souvenirs and tips

Good to know:

Our guide is also good with young students. Please do not hesitate, we can make the tour also interesting for those who have little to no interest in art!

The tour price is without valid tickets, so ensure you have booked tickets, or get your tickets



Privat Tour € 125,–

Van Gogh Museum

1.5 hours | up to 8 persons| from 12 years |Dutch

‘I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.’

 ‘I can’t change the fact that my paintings don’t sell. But the time will come when people will recognize that they are worth more than the value of the paint I have used in the painting.’

Dive into the world of Van Gogh with his hundreds of statements we know from the letters he wrote to his brother. Take a look at his paintings and find out how Vincent, as a young man, grew into an exceptional painter.

Our guide draws you into the painting and takes you on a glimpse of Vincent’s life. What was it with this man, and how did it go all this time? And what did he find so inspiring about his colleagues?

Book a guided tour and you will soon know the most important moments in Vincent’s life.

The tour is included:

A professional and experienced city guide known in the Dutch art of the Golden Age.

The tour is exclusive

Admission to the museum, souvenirs and tips

Good to know:

Our guide is also good with young people. Don’t hesitate, we can also make the tour interesting for those who have little or no interest in art!

The tour price is without valid tickets, so make sure you have booked your tickets or ask us for help!

On holidays it can be busy, make sure you arrive on time and have your tickets at hand. There is a cloakroom available.


Meeting point in Van Gogh:

Once inside, we meet at the coffee bar of the new section.






Privat Tour € 125,–

a dam Good Tour, Hostess or Event, you are on you're way to make a dam Good Choice

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