Jewish Amsterdam

3 hours| Walking 2 to 3 km | from 14 year | Up to 8 persons| English

Our guide will tell you all about the history of Amsterdam during World War Two II on  a walking tour. You will hear how, on 15 May 1940, German troops invaded Amsterdam, claiming many thousands of lives in the next five years of occupation.

Discover what daily life was like under German occupation. Hear about those who formed the resistance, or collaborated. About the Hunger Winter of 1944-1945 and the persecution and deportation of Jewish Amsterdammers to the concentration camps.

Before the war there were 80.000 Jewish Amsterdammers, 10 % of the population. 60.000, four out of five, were murdered. Shocking figures which resonate to this day. That is why stories about what happened then are still alive in this city.

See all the significant wartime monuments and locations, such as the Auschwitz Monument, and go to the Hollandsche Schouwburg with its Wall of Remembrance to the deported.

This interesting and emotional tour shows how the city, more than 70 years after the liberation, retains the scars of what happened in those dark years.

All tours include the following:
Professional and experienced city guide.

The following is not included:
Any snacks / drinks, souvenirs and tips.


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Saturdays 10.00

Adult € 40,–
Student € 30,–

Note: To be asured of your tour you need to have a booking confirmation!

Private tours € 150,– 

Private tour : Thuesday 10:00  Thursday 10.00 uur Saturday 10:00

If your requested dates aren’t available, please email or call to book and we will do all we can to accommodate your needs and help you out as much we possibly can.

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